Register as a Non-Affiliated Judge for the Buccaneer Bay Regional Tournament

This form is only for those who are not affiliated with any team.

This person agrees to:

  1. attend judge’s training (February 2023 – specific date & location TBD) and
  2. to judge at the regional competition (February 2023 – specific date & location TBD).

Judges are committed to one area the whole day of competition and can’t leave. Judges are the heart of a quality tournament. For us to ensure a successful experience for the participants, judges must commit to and attend the training, or we cannot use you.

  • Your information

  • list all years, if known (ie “2007,2008,2010”)
  • Problem, Style, Spontaneous, Timekeeper, Scorekeeper, Staging, Head Judge
  • Please Note: Every effort will be made to grant the preference, but there is no guarantee.
  • Is this person associated with any team member? Please list Names, Relationships and Team Divisions/Problems.
  • Any other information we should know? Any special needs or conflicts we should be aware of?