Calendar of events

Coaches’ Training is a great opportunity for new coaches to learn more about the Odyssey of the Mind program and some of the finer points of coaching a team.  Each element — long-term, style, and spontaneous will be addressed.  Veteran coaches are encouraged to attend as well.  Your input and experience are valuable contributions to help new coaches build confidence and understanding of all that goes into coaching.

Virtual Trainings – new for 2023/24. These will be 

  • Topics for Virtual Trainings:
    • New Coach Training – introduction to OM and coaching
    • Coach Plus – review of New Coach Training and we go into more detail on coaching techniques.
    • Style & Etc. – Style is discussed in New Coach Training and Coach Plus. This training will go into more detail on what Style is.  Discussion on how to fill out a Style form, how to understand scores, common style categories, guidelines, detailing the solution and more…
    • Spontaneous for Coach – discussion and practice with the different spontaneous problems (verbal, verbal hands-on, and hands-on).  Brainstorming, developing versatile thinking, team building activities, and structuring the spontaneous practice session.

Events List

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