Innovative Problems that Teach Creativity

Odyssey problems have challenged students to design mechanical dinosaurs, invent new factory machinery, build working vehicles, write a new chapter to Moby Dick, put a twist on classic artworks, turn Pandora’s Box into a video game, and so much more.
Since 1978, OotM problems have challenged students to go beyond conventional thinking and incorporate creative problem solving in learning. Creative Problem Solving is a skill that needs to be nurtured and developed. While a conventional education is important, learning to solve problems creatively and confidently gives them an important edge in their education and career goals. There is creativity inside each of us and OotM teaches how to tap into it so it can be applied to real-world problems.

Pioneers in Education Standards…

From the start, OotM recognized the importance of many of the skills now emphasized in education today such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The program combines that with history and art and has encouraged learning these subjects through the Classics and performance problems.

…With a twist

All OotM solutions require students to perform, not just the sciences, but the arts as well – whether it be set-building, costume-making, creating props, acting, singing, or playing an instrument. These skills are important to create a balanced education. Because they are doing something fun, students are eager to perform and develop self-confidence and public speaking skills along the way. Many participants credit their success to Odyssey of the Mind. Because different elements are involved within each problem, OotM brings together kids with varying interests that often form life-long friendships.

Well-balanced and Cost Effective

Odyssey of the Mind believes so much in the power of its lessons that it continues to keep prices as low as possible for the teams. It has not changed the price of a membership for 20 years and counting, and donates a percentage of the Annual National Membership back to the local Odyssey association.  It is a cost-efficient way to bring STEM and the arts into education in a caring, open and fun environment. For more than thirty years Odyssey of the Mind has been blazing the trail in the field of creativity in education.