This is to recognize those that receive recognition as an Outstanding OMER or Ranatra Fusca recipient.

Ranatra Fusca: The Ranatra Fusca Creativity Award is given to a team or individual for demonstrating outstanding creativity. This award embodies all that the Odyssey of the Mind program represents. It is presented at all levels of competition from regional tournaments to World Finals. Individuals and teams who receive this award at Regional Finals are presented with medals and a certificate.

OMER’s Award: OMER’s Award may be given to coaches, team members, parents, officials or others who serve as positive examples or role models through their actions and works, or to team members who exhibit exceptional skill, as opposed to creativity.  It is awards to individuals who exemplify the spirit and philosophy of the Odyssey of the Mind, or to team/team members who exhibit exceptional talent, outstanding sportsmanship, and/or astounding teamwork.


  • Sunny Gail:
    • Nominated by the Regional Director, Tournament Director and Problem Director:
      • In the true spirit of Omer, doing whatever it takes to make her team’s tournament day a success, Sunny was  part of the workers setting up the tournament site on Friday night.  She was all over the school assisting with every task necessary.  She found a broom and garbage bag and on her own did a hyper-cleaning of the bleachers!!  During the tournament, she had a family medical emergency, which she handled expertly, getting the family member to the E.R. and coming back to support her school’s 5 teams.  Her family member is doing well and her teams greatly appreciate her support.  For her upbeat, positive, do-whatever-it-takes abilities, as tournament officials we present this OMER’s Award to Sunny Gail of Winston Academy of Engineering!
  • Roland Park K-8 School (14725) Problem 5 (Opposites Distract) Division I:
    • Nominated by the long-term judging team:
      • Outstanding positive attitude and sportsmanship!  Sincerely wished every team they came across good luck!  Came to decisions together as a team.
  • Plato Academy Tarpon Springs (42514) Problem 3 (Leonardo’s Workshop) Division 1:
    • Nominated by an individual (non-official):
      • This team possesses so many of the qualities that we hope our children will show during competition and throughout their life.  One of the greatest reasons that I have nominated this group is because of their kindness and tolerance.  Two of the children in this group have specific learning disabilities that makes reading line, memorizing them and rhyming works especially agonizing.  Despite these handicaps, the rest of the team has supported and encouraged them to reach outside their comfort zones.  These children have not been boxed out of roles nor have they felt anything less than supported during this entire process.