2/11/24 Follow-up Buccaneer Bay Coaches from Mandy Pope

  1. Coaches Training PPT: Laurie has already sent you the ppt as requested and has uploaded it onto our BucBay website: CoachTraining.Odyssey-of-the-Mind-Buccaneer-Bay  Use it as you need for parents and school staff!
  2. Invoices: All invoices have been sent 02/11/2024 for Buc Bay ’24 pins that were picked up on 02/10/2024. If you pre-order pins to pick-up on tournament day, you MUST have money to receive the pins at the Buc Bay merchandise site. I will send out an email if I run out of pins. I currently have about 170 pins left.
  3. Entrances/Exits at Problem Sites: After Problem Captain and Staging Area Judge (that has been doing this for 14 years), the Problem 3 (Band Room) Staging area will be in the hallway and students will enter through the double doors, NOT through the back entrance. ALL props have to make it through the standard door frame entrance. The back door will be used as an exit only for ALL TEAMS. I agree with this decision as it keeps teams out of the weather and is the safer route (as the sidewalk doesn’t have a railing). Therefore, if you were in the group that was discussing this, talk to your students as they need to problem-solve their “flag pole”. All other site locations have had no alterations from Saturday’s walk through.
  4. Wheelchair Numbers: If you know that your team members have supporters that will require a Wheelchair Access Parking pass, please email me your team name, membership number and the # of Wheelchair parking passes needed by 02/19/2024.
  5. Parking and Menus for Food Vendors: Please share with families 
  6. Buc Bay Merchandise Dates: All Buc Bay merchandise helps OUR REGION. Please know that these have final dates to make sure they are ready and prepared for delivery on February 24th tournament day!
    • 2/14/24: Buc Bay Customized Cups, last day to order
    • 2/22/24: Buc Bay Pins (or when they run out)
    • 2/22/24: 24-25 Buc Bay Pin Design Submissions
  7. Final BUCCANEER BAY NON-MANDATORY VIRTUAL COACHES MEETING is February 19th from 7-8. If you need support I will be available for a final run through of forms, tournament check-list, and coach reminders. I encourage anyone who would benefit to register: Coach Training Registration
  8. Scholarships:  
  9. Volunteers: If you have volunteers or high school children OVER THE AGE OF 16, they may volunteer (with a signed parental consent form), for Bright Futures or other Community Service Hours. Under 18 Volunteer form

Please let me know if they are available all day or just a portion of the day so that we can place them accordingly.  

  • Mandy Pope ( or 863-944-3647) or 
  • Laurie Filardo ( or 813-545-7046) 

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