2023 Buccaneer Bay Odyssey App

New this year!!!

Joining the fun and using the Odyssey App which will give you our schedules, map of the campus, selections for the food trucks, and much more.

Installing the “Odyssey Tournament” WebApp
1. Use your mobile device to visit 2023 Buc Bay Region Odyssey App
2. Follow the directions for your device’s operating system.
3. Tap the icon, featuring the CCI head logo, which now appears on your phone menu screen. This will open the app.</
4. Tap the circular icon in the top left corner to see the WebApp’s menu.
5. Tap the “Select Tournament” dropdown and find your tournament.
6. Tap the tournament name to add it to your WebApp’s list.
7. Tap the tournament name to see your tournament’s information and have a great time at your tournament!

Make sure that you open the app in Chrome browser.  Some phones offer install or some offer bookmark.


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