2022 Buc Bay Tournament – Updates

All Coaches,
Here is some reminders:

  1. 2022 Buc Bay Website Post: Schedule & Other Information
  2. 2022 Buccaneer Bay Schedule
  3. Corbett Prep’s Buc Bay OM Concessions Order Form (if possible, please order no later than end of day today, Friday Feb. 11th).
  4. NEW: At 7AM, Breakfast items for purchase courtesy of Chef Chris Tarr with Corbett Preparatory School at IDS.  They will offer donuts, muffins, fresh fruit, coffee, and water.  
  5. NEW: Water Ventures Truck from Crystal Springs Preserve will be open for people to visit.  It will be located between the North Parking Lot (Gravel Lot) and the Elementary Campus.It is an educational exhibit from Crystal Springs, discussing the Florida aquifer and springs system.

If I have missed any coach, then I didn’t have their email address in the system. Please share.




  • FOUR Style
  • FOUR Required List
  • FOUR Cost (one should have actual receipts) and other 2 sets should have copies of receipts
  • ONE Outside Assistance (after talking to Problem Captains, they suggest 4 would be best)
  1. Admittance to School: The school will be open for teams to enter starting at 7AM.  See parking information on previous email and some in this email. 
  2. Tent City: this will be open at 7AM and remember NO STAKES.  
  3. Awards: We plan on awards at 3:30, so DO NOT put anything (tents, blankets, etc.) by the medal bleachers closest to the building.  If you do, you asked to be moved. 
  4. Concessions: the school will have food concessions for sale through both pre ordering (preference) and walk-up on day of the tournament.  They will be located behind the dining hall and the sports field.
    • NEW – BREAKFAST ITEMS AVAILABLE.…At 7AM, concessions will be open and they are planning on offering the following breakfast items: donuts, muffins, fresh fruit, coffee, and water.  
    • LUNCH – All lunch meals will include the main item, bag of chips, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie and bottle of water.  All meals will be $5.  Payment (cash or card) will be taken at the concession stand when you pick up your order.  Please place your order BEFORE Friday.  This will ensure that they have enough food for all.  
    • OM Lunch Order Form
  5. Parking update: 
    • DO NOT PARK in handicap without a placard (or plate). You could get towed!
    • DO NOT PARK in reserved spaces at the middle or elementary school. Yes, even on a Saturday, you could get towed!
    • Additional parking will be at Carrollwood Elementary (3516 McFarland Rd., Tampa, 33618), which is just south and on the same side of the street as Corbett Preparatory’s elementary school (directly across from our middle school tournament location). 
    • ALL U-Haul (trailer & like), MUST park at Carrollwood Elementary.
    • Prop drop-off and pick-up will be allowed on tournament day.  HOWEVER, you must immediately move once you have dropped off or picked up.  There is no parking for teams surrounding the middle school. All (excluding officials) must move and park at either of the elementary schools or the flat lot adjacent to Corbett Prep’s elementary school.  
    • As I mentioned above, Water Ventures Truck from Crystal Springs Preserve will be open for people to visit.  It will be located between the North Parking Lot (Gravel Lot) and the Elementary Campus.
  6. Site Map (will be in a separate post)
    • Please share with all that you know, even your workers.
  7. Check-in for Coaches and Workers is located at the south door of the Main Building.  

That’s all for now…


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