1/29/22 Mandatory Coach Training

Meeting will begin promptly at 9AM, during the time judges are being trained. ONE COACH from each team is required to attend. Schedule be handed out at this time

However, the worker assignments/schedules will be available at this meeting, but they will be sent out prior to tournament.

This meeting will go over the following:


  • Tournament check-in table.
    • Due to Covid, we will:
      • EVERYONE must wear a mask INDOORS.
        • Only exceptions will be when team members are in staging and then go to performance. Once done, they must re-mask.
      • need for all coaches to check in at the registration table. Turn in your Team Member Contract and you will receive your coach badge.
      • not have a program. QR will have the schedules, plus we will post them online ( and
      • need for everyone to follow signage.
      • need for Tent City to be on the soccer field (NO STAKES)
      • only have access to SIX restrooms. YES, 6 restrooms, so this means go in, do business, and get out. These cannot be used as changing rooms.
  • After the meeting, we will be walking around the middle school and discuss where problem sites are, audience and team entrances, etc.
    • Problem 1: North Gym
    • Problem 2: South Gym
    • Problem 3: Social Studies Rooms 102 & 105
    • Problem 4: Art Room #117
    • Problem 5: English Rooms 109 & 112
    • Primary: Music Room #120
    • Spontaneous: 2nd Floor (Team and Judges only)
    • Awards: Soccer field (Gym if inclement weather)


  • Stay on top of the paperwork. Remind the team to complete it well in advance. The team must provide:
    *  FOUR copies of its Style Form
    *  FOUR Cost Form copies — Keep receipts for items purchased new
    *  ONE Outside Assistance Form
    *  FOUR copies of the Team List (if the problem requires one)
    *  All team-specific clarifications. Make multiple copies.
    *  REQUIRED Team Member and/or Parent Contract (turn in at check-in table)
  • You might want to keep a second set of forms in a vehicle that you know will be traveling to the competition site in case the original pack is misplaced or damaged
  • Have a printable set of digital files that you can access from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other device in case all else fails


Customize the list below based on the items your team needs for its performance.

  • Packet with the team’s forms
  • Copy of the script
  • Copy of the Program Guide
  • Copy of the problem
  • Backdrop(s), Costume(s), Prop(s)
  • Makeup and applicators (e.g., foam wedges, Q-Tips, paintbrushes)
  • Device(s)
  • Structure(s) (consider bringing materials to create or repair the structure)
  • Musical instrument and peripherals
  • A/V equipment
  • Other electronics
  • Chairs, tables or stools
  • Membership sign
  • Extension cords
  • Outlet adapters
  • Site clean-up materials (e.g., hand broom with dustpan, lint roller)
  • Team member clean-up materials (e.g., makeup remover wipes, Kleenex)
  • Fix-it kit (e.g., duct tape, glue gun with extra glue sticks, markers, tools)


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