Welcome to the 2019-2020 OM Season @ Buc Bay!

2020 Buccaneer Bay Regional Tournament:

February 8, 2020 at Plant City High School, One Raider Place, Plant City

Here are other dates and deadlines:

  1. September 21st: Spontaneous for Coach Training from 9AM to Noon at Rowlett Academy for Arts and Communication (see calendar for registration).  
  2. December 7th: Spontaneous Workshop for team members.  Two sessions (9AM to Noon and 1PM to 4PM) at Rowlett Academy for Arts and Communication (see calendar for registration).  
  3. December 15th: All Buccaneer Bay teams must register as a team (including coach names & contact information, all team member names, judge name and contact information and worker name and contact information) to avoid a $20 late fee per team.
  4. December 31st: All Buccaneer Bay teams that wish to be included in the Buccaneer Bay Regional Tournament must be registered and paid by this date.
  5. January 18, 2020:
    • Judge Training (all teams are required to have one judge attend this training and attend tournament).
    • Mandatory Coach Training (all coaches required to attend IF they do not attend 2 Saturday Coach Trainings) (see below for details)

You can see our Buc Bay “One Stop Shop” with links and help getting started here: Buc Bay Team Requirements

New for Coach Training – we are going to have Saturday only trainings.  This will encourage coaches to attend trainings because without this training, they cannot effectively help their teams.  We will continue to have our Mandatory Coach Training, which is on the same day as our Judge Training, however, each coach must attend our Saturday trainings (at one of the two locations), they will not be required to attend the Mandatory Coach Training.  Your team’s long term and spontaneous schedules plus the worker schedule and assignment will be emailed to the coach.  

  • Locations are: Rowlett Elementary Academy (Bradenton) and Florida College Academy
    • Both locations will have two of these trainings and each coach must attend one of each (see calendar for dates, times and locations):
      • Basic Coach and Spontaneous
      • Coach Plus and Style



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