2018 Buc Bay Teams Information & Worker Schedule

Coaches, Membership Coordinators and Workers,

As your teams enter the prepping-for-State home stretch, here are a few important things to remember:

1.  Continue to check for general clarifications. Although the deadline to submit team-specific clarifications has passed, it is not uncommon for general clarifications to be published after the regional tournaments. In fact, a Problem 4 clarification came out March 26.
2.  Complete your paperwork. Because some state judging panels may have five judges, we strongly advise each team to take:
  • SIX completed copies of the Style Form
  • SIX completed copies of the Team List Form (all problems “require” it)
  • TWO completed Cost Forms (have receipts handy just in case team is asked)
  • TWO completed Outside Assistance Forms
  • TWO printouts of any team-specific clarifications your team submitted and received
  • Make 3 sets of the above: one for you, one for a “friend” traveling with you and your team and one for you to put in your car for safe keeping.  I can’t tell you how many of these I find them in the bathroom, walkways, etc.  Make sure that they are legible.
3.  ​If you have added any team member(s) since the regional competition and have not yet informed Laurie, please do so immediately so she can update the database. Coaches are not able to update team members on their own.
​4.  ​I mentioned in the Teams Advancing to State meeting that I would be offering up regional shirts, well this fell through.  I would have liked this to happen, but it didn’t.
​5.  ​Choir members still are needed to sing the National Anthem before the Awards Ceremony. The only practice obligation is to meet at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, April 14 — after all teams have competed — for a brief practice immediately prior to the Awards Ceremony. Choir members will be released to sit with their teams immediately after singing the anthem. If you have a team member who loves to sing or have any questions about what is involved, please contact Laurie ASAP.
​6.  ​2018 State Worker Schedule – Buc Bay .  ​Make sure your worker knows his or her obligation and fulfills it. The state will not track down no-show workers, and teams will be penalized.
​7.  ​Please watch the long-term performance of at least one other Buccaneer Bay team — more if you can — while you are at State. A supportive audience makes a difference!
​8.  ​If your team also cannot or will not make the trip to Worlds if it advances, please let Laurie know in advance. She WILL NOT disclose this information prior to scoring being completed, so it would not affect your team’s placement. Your team would be announced as a World Finals qualifier, after which the announcer would say that you are giving up your spot, which would allow the third-place finisher to advance.
​9.  ​On a topic related to No. 8, do not destroy any your team’s props, costumes, etc., for at least one week after the tournament. Sometimes first- and second-place finishers notify FLOMA several days later that they will not be able to attend the World Finals. In that case, FLOMA approaches the next team(s) on the list to ask whether they would like the spot. Last year, a fourth-place team was able to go.
10.  Stucture teams: be sure to go to weigh-in​ a minimum of 1 hour prior to long term performance.
​11.  ​Teams may challenge only objective elements of their team’s long-term score — i.e., absolute scores such as “0 or 5 points.” Refer to the “Long-Term Scoring,” “Getting Long-Term Scores” and “Questions About Scoring” sections of the 2018 Program Guide. If a situation arises with your score at the tournament and you are unsure how to proceed, contact Laurie: (813) 545-7046​.
  • Sales – it is still in the Student Union Atrium – however now it is located between Boars Head Deli (what used to be Subway) and Café Bustelo. That entrance to the Food Court is completely blocked off so they have a semi-solid “wall” behind them there.
  • Registration – Will now be in the Atrium area as well. They are setting up tables under the stairs. We were told last year that there was too much congestion in the hallway over by the “Ticket Window/Box Office” area that we used to do Registration in and the Atrium is a much more open area.
  • Worker Check In – We are not doing a “traditional” worker check in area this year. All the workers are being told to just go to their assignments and check in with the person they report to. Everyone who is a check in person, will have a Radio and any who have workers who do not show can report to them to the information desk who will try to track them down and get replacements.
Please keep these reminders handy AND make a note of Laurie’s cell number in the event you need it on Tournament Day!
If you have misplaced the packet I handed out, please go to our website: 
(813) 545-7046



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