FLOMA Mascot, Phil, Needs Your Help! (deadline 5/1/18)

Phil & the rest of the Florida Odyssey Board want to give you the chance to recommend themes and to help create the designs for future shirts, pins and charms!

Submit designs to our State Director Matthew ( and our State Sales Trustee Marilyn ( Designs can be submitted at any time, but to be considered for 2018- 2019 must be submitted no later than May 1, 2018. Please note that designs could be altered based on input from the pin company and others.

If one or more of your designs is selected, you will be awarded a gift certificate for the Florida Odyssey of the Mind merchandise of your choice. Certificates will be awarded in amounts varying from $10 to $50.

(1) Submit ideas for any (or all) of the items listed. Have more than one suggestion? That’s fine too… submit them all!
(2) Be descriptive! Submissions for pins or shirts can be either in the form of detailed drawings, written descriptions, or anything in between. As long as it is clear as to what you have in mind, the pin company and the board can take it from there and do the artwork.
(3) Be specific as to any special effects (sliders, spinners, gems, blinkies, etc.).
(4) Any designs submitted that are not used next year will be kept for future consideration.
(5) Be sure to submit your ideas by May 1st if you would like us to consider them for next year’s designs!

**Please include contact information in case we have questions!**

– (5) Piece Problem Pin Set
– (1) Primary Problem Pin (that also could fit with the Problem Pin Set)
– (3) Piece Long Term/Spontaneous/Style Pin Set
– (3) – (5) Single Pins and/or Pin Sets Charms:
– (7) Piece Problem Charm Set (to include spontaneous and primary)
– (1) State Charm
– (1) World Finals Charm
– State Shirt
– World Finalist Shirt
– Themes should appeal to all age groups, be Florida or Odyssey related, and be broad enough to include a variety of pin and shirt designs.



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