Welcome to the 2017-18 Buccaneer Bay OM Season!

We have official event dates and locations for the new OM season. You can see the events calendar Buccaneer Bay Calendar and a list of events here.

  1. December 15th: All Buccaneer Bay teams must register as a team (including coach names & contact information, all team member names, judge name and contact information and worker name and contact information) to avoid a $20 late fee per team.
  2. January 16th: All Buccaneer Bay teams that wish to be included in the Buccaneer Bay Regional Tournament must be registered and paid by this date.

You can see our “one stop shop” with links and help getting started here:

Look forward to seeing you at trainings and at our Buccaneer Bay regional tournament scheduled for February 24, 2018 at Strawberry Crest HS, Dover.



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