2017-18 Spontaneous Workshop – December 9, 2017

Following the last couple of years, we will have two types of Spontaneous Workshops. There will be one for Coaches & one for teams.

The Coaches Workshop is designed and intended for new novice coaches. We will provide problems from all three disciplines. Coaches will experience both being on a team solving problems, and judging the teams solving the problems. The problems we use at this training don’t change from year to year, so coaches who have previously attended this training will only be judging. All coaches that attend the workshop will be given a group of problems used in recent competition for use with their teams. This is a valuable asset for helping your team gain the skills they need to prepare for competition. The group of problems we give out change from year to year so that they remain topical, and so that you can continuously have new updated examples to work with your teams. We encourage experienced coaches to attend, not just to get the package of problems, but to pass along your knowledge of spontaneous and your training methods. At the present time we have two separate dates/locations for this training. Both of these dates are dependent on having at least 5 coaches registered 1 week prior to the event (see Calendar for dates, times and locations).

The Team Workshop is also designed for new teams. Registrations will be accepted only from teams that have never attended the workshop before. If you have a mixed team of novice & experienced team members, the majority of the team must be new for you to register. Parents and other adults are welcome at this event so that they can see what Spontaneous is all about, however they will be separated from the teams so that observation is the only interaction they can have.

Registration 2017-18 Buccaneer Bay Spontaneous Workshop Registration

Date: December 9, 2017
Session Times:  Session 1 – 9:00AM to Noon OR Session 2 – 1:00PM to 4:00PM (all sessions are closed as of 11/25/17)
Check In: Session 1 – 8:00AM OR Session 2 – 12:30PM
Location: Rowlett Academy, 3500 9th Street East, Cafeteria, Bradenton
Fee: $5.00 per participating student, No charge for coach(s) or parent(s). Parents are responsible for children not participating in workshop.
Deadline: Payment must have postmark date prior by 11/25/2017NO PAYMENTS DAY OF EVENT!

NOTE: your team is not registered unless you receive confirmation email from

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bob Filardo (813) 681-6697 (Monday-Friday: 5PM-9PM or Saturday-Sunday: 9AM to 9PM)

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