2018 Buccaneer Bay Tournament Site – Strawberry Crest High School

We are returning to Strawberry Crest High School (SCHS), 4691 Gallagher Road, Dover for our Judge and Mandatory Coach Training (02/10/2018), and for our tournament (02/24/2018).  We want to thank the following individuals for helping make this event happen at SCHS:

  • Superintendent, Jeff Eakins
  • Principal, David Brown
  • Assistant Principal, Jasmine Tramel

There are some people I want to thank for hosting the Buccaneer Bay Regional February 2017:

  • Superintendent, Dr. Mike Grego, who was very supportative of OM staying at Dunedin Highland Middle School (DHMS) in February 2017!  Thanks!!
  • Former Principal, Chris Bates, for whom made it possible for us to visit DHMS in 2017!  It was nice to see you come by during our training and tournament.  Shows you care about us!
  • Assistant Principal, Mrs. Calla Alford, who have been there with us on tournament day to make sure all was well between the school and OM.  We sure appreciated the dedication and support!
  • Head Plant Operator, Clint Case, the who was the guy who was there to make sure that school was open and ready for us…and closed up when we were done.  He did it all with a large smile!  You are amazing!



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