Coaching Tips: Day of Performance

When this is done, read it again!

If You Start Me Up
The Timekeeper will ask the team, “Team, are you ready?”
Many (especially experienced) teams come up with a clever response

What Setup Time?
Don’t make the mistake of neglecting to figure in set-up time.
What happens if something goes wrong during setup?
Who handles what tasks during setup?
Is it better to have a complicated setup, or a simple setup and more performance time?
Is there something someone can do during setup to start the performance?
Time does not stop if the team encounters a problem (except for medical emergencies).

Wrapping it Up
In some (not all) problems, the team needs to signal the Judges that the performance is over.
Like the beginning, the end is important. Experienced teams find a “creative” way.

Tell it to the Judge!
After the performance ends, the judges will talk to the team and ask them questions about their
solution. This is a part of the the solution. Let the team know to expect it and practice it with them.
Don’t forget the Membership Sign…


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